Intelligent Systems and Vision Group

The group is formed by a number of professors and researchers from the Department of Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Automation and Communications – I.E.E.A.C. (area of Systems and Automation Engineering -ISA-) from Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM) at Ciudad Real. Since 1999, it has focused on developing computer vision and artificial intelligence tools, with applications in fields such as security and surveillance, quality control, image diagnosis, decision support systems and biomedical engineering.

European Research Council Projects

Eye of Things



Research lines

  • Biomedical Applications Image-based Diagnosis.
  • Ontologies and Electronic Health Records.
  • Computer vision applications: Applications such as Surveillance, Biometry, Human-Computer Interaction, Deep Learning, etc.
  • Decision support systems in engineering: Methodologies based on Artificial Intelligence; Machine Learning and Statistical Analysis.

Contact information

Dr. Jesús Salido Tercero (Prof. TU) @jsalido
Ph.#.: (+34) 926 295 427