Acoustic Laboratory Applied to Civil Engineering

 This group is dedicated to Acoustics when applied to the sufaces of roads-paving. The acoustic evaluation of the behaviour of road surfaces is an ever-increasing necessity for those who administer roads and the environment in Spain. Global Positioning Systems (GPS), which are used along with acoustic auscultation methods, are permitting acoustic parameters to be integrated into road management systems. The objectives of these research lines are to contribute, via the geo-referenced characterisation of the road surface, towards controlling traffic noise and to design and produce new layers for road surfaces. 

Measurements are taken using the CPX method, which demands suitable software for the computational treatment of data, thus allowing conclusions to be drawn that will lead to the improvement of and comfort on roads and urban streets.  

Research lines

Acoustics Applied to Road Surfaces-Paving:

  • Continuous measurement and evaluation of the noise of tyre/paving interaction in urban environments. Road surface noise maps. 
  • Acoustic geo-auscultation of roads. 
  • Studies of the surface, longitudinal and transversal homogeneity of stretches of road. 
  • Auscultation of surface course with reuse of material from unused pavements (Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement - RAP)
  • Cataloging pavement as reducers of noise.
  • Computer processing of the data for its geo-referenced representation.

Acoustics applied to the design and characterisation of materials: 

  • Acoustic absorption. Measures of the properties and acoustic transmission of materials.
  • The design and creation of materials with acoustic properties. 
  • Aucoustic characterisation of materials. 
  • Studies on the correlation between the texture and superficial bumpy texture with acoustic properties. 
  • Acoustics applied to the environment. 
  • Studies on noise pollution in varied networks.
  • Evaluation of environmental noise. Road noise maps. 
  • Studies on the sound characteristics of tyres.



Contact information

Dr. Fernando J. Terán Sierra
Tel.: (+34) 926 295 300 ext. 3721
Fax: (+34) 926 295 354