Computer Human Interaction and Collaboration

The objective of this group is to apply new methods, techniques, tools and processes to scientific and technological development in the areas of e-Learning Systems and Computer-Human Interaction. It has proposed new techniques for the design and development of web-based applications and we used advanced devices which support new interaction paradigms (collaboration, ubiquitous computing, virtual and augmented reality, etc.). The group has carried out R+D+I projects for the design of web applications, groupware and mobile and ubiquitous computing following user-centred methodologies. The development of mobile and ubiquitous technologies has been carried out with the use of Tablet PCs, tabletops and interactive whiteboards, along with various network technologies such as WIFI, Bluetooth, ultrasound, infrared, etc.

Research lines

Educative Computing and e-Learning Systems: 

  • Educative Computing and e-Learning Systems.
  • Computational Model Design in learning systems. 
  • Interaction of ontologies, standards and learning objects in e-Learning systems.
  • Development of Web 2.0-based e-Learning systems.

Computer-Human Interaction:  Interacción Persona-Ordenador:

  • Groupware Engineering.
  • Multimedia Engineering.
  • Design and Implementation of development methodologies focused on interactive and/or collaborative system users..
  • Design and specification of cooperative and collaborative user interfaces.
  • Design of interaction via mobile computing, ubiquitous and heightened reality paradigms.

Contact information

Dr. Manuel Ortega Cantero
Tel.: (+34) 926 295 481
Fax: (+34) 926 295 354