Computer Architecture and Networks

The ARCO group’s research is focued on the design of complex heterogeneous (hardware-software) systems and on the development of advanced communication services. The members of the group have wide experience in the realisation of R+D+i projects, having participated in numerous publically financed projects at both national (Ministry of Science, Innovation and Industry, Castilla-La Mancha Autonomous Government, etc.) and international (European Union, NATO, Integrated Actions, etc.) levels. 

As a university research group with a marked vocation as regards technological transference, it has particularly promoted its relationship with businesses in the sector via projects financed by both institutional programmes (PROFIT, CENIT, etc.) and businesses themselves, all of which are leaders in the ICT sector (Indra, Telefónica I+D, Tecnobit, Infoglobal, etc.). The group also provides training and consultation services in both the aforementioned areas and free-software-based development.

Research lines

Design of Complex Heterogeneous (Hardware-Software) Systems. Development of methodologies and tools for the design of complex systems with both hardware and software components (embedded systems).

Networks and Advanced Communication Services. Design and development of distributed systems and communication infrastructures for new generation services to be deployed in heterogeneous environments (smart cities, smart buildings, Internet of Things, etc.).

Intelligent Systems. Leveraging system capabilities to supervise, understand, and react to context events.

Contact information

Dr. Juan Carlos López
Tel.: (+34) 926 295 300 ext. 3739
Fax: (+34) 926 295 354