Artificial Intelligence and Rendering

The Artificial Intelligence and Rendering research group (AIR) was founded in 2014 at University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM) and since then, it has established its headquarters in the School of Computer Science (Escuela Superior de Informática – ESI) of Ciudad Real to promote the study, design, development and practical application of Artificial Intelligence techniques. It has been created in order to solve real problems framed in R&D&I in companies as research projects, in which ESI students have the opportunity to work and even write PhD thesis.

Its members have experience in the study of knowledge representation formalisms and intelligent manipulation of the same, highlighting the graphic representation of information about augmented reality and the optimization of non-interactive rendering, and development of learning systems, decision systems, knowledge-based expert systems, multi-agent systems in different application fields, emphasising electronic commerce and video surveillance systems. Along these lines they carry out their projects.

Research lines

AIR focuses its research on three main ideas, which determine their investigation lines. Firstly, the idea of Artificial Intelligence Applied determines the lines of Intelligent Surveillance, Mobile Robotics and Machine Learning. Secondly, Display and Rendering is associated with Augmented Reality, Realistic Image Synthesis and Automatic Analysis of Movements lines. Finally, the idea of Electronic Commerce is approached from a general perspective focused on the design and development of electronic business, in which they unfold algorithms based on AI techniques aimed at improving internal processes and the user experience. 

Contact information

David Vallejo Fernández
Tel.: +34 926 29 53 00 (Ext. 6494)