3D VC & R

3D Visual Computing and Robotics Group

The 3D Visual Computing and Robotics group was created in the Automatic and Systems Engineering Area in 1998. Its work is focused on providing intelligent solutions via 3D sensors in a wide range of applications: the digitalisation of pieces (artistic, health and manufacturing environments), the digitalisation and reconstruction of large spaces (civil or heritage buildings, archaeological parks, etc.), or the intelligent interaction of robots with 3D vision and immersive heightened reality techniques. The result of all these years of work has been the publication of hundreds of works in the most relevant journals and congresses in the field of Computer Vision. Up to seven state and regional projects have been developed in a competitive regime over the years. The group is currently formed of 12 researchers, and has a wide range of technology as regards 3D digitalisation systems (laser and structured light systems), robots (industrial and mobile) and virtual reality systems (immersive and haptic) at its disposal. 

Research lines

Digitalisation and 3D sensor systems:

  • Systems with which to obtain 3D information on the basis of the projection of lasers and structured light for static or dynamic structures.
  • Complete textured digitalisation of pieces for interiors and exteriors. 
  • 3D scene analysis: 
  • Segmentation, recognition and spatial positioning of objects in complex scenes. 

Vision-based robot interaction:

  • Trajectory planning algorithms and intelligent acting of robots in complex scenes.
  • Grip strategies on solids. 

Immersive virtual reality:

  • Immersive navigation in virtual environments via heightened reality. 
  • Haptic systems for the tactile exploration of synthesised pieces.

Contact information

Dr. Antonio Adán Oliver
Tel.: (+34) 926 295 300 ext. 3737
Fax: (+34) 926 295 354