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Sergio Munoz de Morales and Javier Loro from IES Hernán Pérez del Pulgar have been the winners

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The director of the School of Computing Ciudad Real (ESI), Eduardo Fernández-Medina Paton, has received the winners of the second competition of developing applications for Android devices, Sergio Muñoz de Moráles Alvarez (first prize) and Javier Carrasco Loro (second prize), both students of IES Hernan Perez del Pulgar, under the tutelage of Professor Luis Beamud Cárdenas.

The applications have been developed with App Inventor, an online tool platform to create mobile applications for the Android operating system, developed by MIT and currently supports Google Labs.

The contest aimed at students of secondary schools across the province, has been awarded first prize for "Skeet" application that virtually recreates the sport by providing multiple scenarios and sharing difficulties and achievements in social networks . The second prize was awarded to the "Green World" application, a multi-platform game inspired in the famous Mario Bros.

This competition has provided the closure of promotion activities Computer Engineering courses performing all the ESI and the Department of Systems and Information Technology under the name ESI-TechLab. The activities have included a series of lectures in centers across the province to bring young Computers and break the myths. In addition, there have been workshops for high school students to develop mobile applications with App Inventor, Robotics with Arduino and game development with Blender, all leading-edge technologies and a wide potential. The workshops have had an average participation of 72 students per class, with a great acceptance among students and teachers.

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